Head of Department: Prof. Mehmet ÇUNKAŞ

Erasmus Coordinator: Asist. Prof. Kemal TÜTÜNCÜ

Farabi Coordinator: Prof. İsmail SARITAŞ

AKTS Coordinator: Prof. Hakan IŞIK

Purpose: The aim of the program is to meet the lack of trained personnel in the field of electrical and electronics which has an important place in todays technology. For this purpose, it is foreseen to train capable individuals who have professionally competent knowledge and skills, have assimilated engineering requirements, have adopted the engineering ethics, follow the developments in the technology, are open to the developments in their areas, and are able to provide solutions to the problems faced. 

Vision: The vision of the division is to become a respected and recognized faculty with strong corporate culture and identity whose has strong organizational ties to science and technology world and industry. 

Mission: The mission of the program is to train engineers who are sensitive to the environment, have the social, economical and professional ethics consciousness, responsibility, and leading features, also who are researchers with the ability to produce universal knowledge and technology, have adopted contemporary and ethical values, believe the superiority of law, have the ability to apply as well as theoretical knowledge on a universal scale and who can work successfully in the areas of design, production, application and R & D in the industry and research institutions. 

Program Language: The language of the program is Turkish. 

Program Description: The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, having adopted fundamental engineering and science principles, aims to provide theoretical and practical education of electrics and electronics on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. In this regard, our departments primary goal is to educate engineers, with analysis and application capabilities, who keep track of the current science and technology around the world and in our country in the field of electrical and electronics. According to these objectives, for scientific and technological innovations to contribute to the service of our country and all humanity, our department provides our present workshops and laboratories as well as industrial facilities. The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides education in the fields of the design and analysis of electrical and electronics circuits and systems ,communication systems, electrical installations, electrical machines and automation systems, in addition to the basic concepts of engineering concepts. 

Admission Requirements: The students can apply for registration to our department by completing the processes set by YÖK (Higher Education Institution) in accordance with the academic and legal regulations of the university 

Recognition of Prior Learning: If the students, who want to transfer to our department from other bachelors or undergraduate degree programs, meet the requirements, the opportunity of transition is provided in accordance with the compatibility rules. 

Graduation Requirements: To graduate from the program, the students are required to successfully complete 49 courses including 40 compulsory and 9 elective that they receive for total 8 semesters, 2 internships and one job training. During the four-year education period,, the students will complete 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)  for every week  which is a total of 240 ECTS. Starting from 5th term, students that choose electrical or electronics branches will take different courses from each other in accordance with their program of chosen branches.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Students are evaluated with a midterm and a final exam in one semester. The students success in a course is based on the letter grade, the student receive by the course instructor after the final/make-up exams, which is made up of 40% of the average of midterm exam and quizzes and 60% of final/make-up exam. The received letter grade must be at least CC for the student to be successful in a course. 

Employment Opportunities: : Our graduates can work in all areas that involve R & D activities as well as in consulting firms in the fields of electrical, electronics and energy. The other working areas for our graduates are municipalities, Atomic Energy Authority, TEDAŞ, TEİAŞ and other electric companies and electricity, electronics and communications industry, national and multi-national companies, radio and TV broading companies, web-related service companies and research and development departments in the health sector, production and marketing departments, universities, institutions such as TURK TELEKOM, TURKCELL, AVEA, VODAFONE, ERICSSON TURKEY, PHILIPS, TUBITAK, TAI, ASELSAN, RENAULT, BEKO and universities or research centers around the world. 

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Undergraduate students who graduate from our program can be registered to graduate and postgraduate programs after satisfying the specified success criteria. 

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