Faculty of Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department aims to train engineers with knowledge, skills, competencies and qualifications who established the culture and the values of universal science and contemporary education by learning basic engineering concepts and theories. Our dynamic team of academics provides the students an electrical and electronics engineering understanding on field studies which requires  both technology and engineering knowledge and academic studies built on mathematics, physics and computer science.

Our department's undergraduate education consists of  a four-year education period excluding scientific preparatory classes for the students coming from vocational high schools. After the first year of the education which includes mathematics, physics and computer programming courses for strengthening the foundation of the students, the second year of the education aims to establish the foundation of electrical and electronics concepts and to provide advanced mathematics knowledge. In the third and the fourth year, advanced topics in the field are passed on using examples in applications. Knowledge is strengthened by the courses which are supported by laboratory practice. In particular, specialization is possible by taking courses on an area of interest starting from the third year of the education. Along with these, another important part of the last two years of the program is long term internships which are done in the industry and focused on real problems and solutions. These internships lead the students, academic members and the people concerned in the industry to a culture where finding solutions together is necessary.

Also the biggest advantage of getting an education in the Faculty of Technology is to do "Workplace Training" for one semester. During the seventh semester (first semester of the fourth grade), our students are able to establish a high level application experience before graduation by working for important industrial companies for one semester under the name of "Workplace Training".  The opportunity to view the requirements of the business environment and the expectations of the industrial companies on their own provides many advantages to our students. Also, before graduation students will be able to receive offers to work as an engineer with the companies from which they take their workplace training in the condition that they prove themselves.  In all the interviews, the industrialists have expressed their willingness to work with engineers who have high application skills, industry experience and high competitiveness and who are constantly following the developments with regards to the needs of the industry. Thus, both workplace training and internships will make employment in the companies, which have workplace training and internships, easier after graduation.

Double major and minor major applications allows the students to improve themselves in multiple fields. Education plan of our department has been prepared in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System which is the requirement of Bologna Process. Erasmus agreements envisaging the student and academic member exchanges between European higher education institutions brings an advantage to our students to benefit from education and employment opportunities.

There are many job opportunities to work as an engineer either in government institutions such as;  TUBITAK, TEDAŞ, TEİAŞ EPDK and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources or private companies such as; Türk Telekom, Aselsan, Havelsan,  IBM, Intel, General Electrical, TTNET, AirTies, Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone, TAI, Arçelik, Vestel, Sanko, Naksan. In addition,  the electrical and electronics engineering graduates can work as production, research and development and sales and after sales support engineer in many environments such as factories, construction sites or offices.

I sincerely believe that our department graduates will have a say and also fill an important gap in the field of Electrical and Electronics and wish success to our students in advance.

    Prof. Mehmet ÇUNKAŞ

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