Aim: Main goal of this program is to train practically capable personnel. Graduates will be awarded with computer engineer title and meet the deficit of service sector. Educating creative, participative, academically thinking, analytic, responsible, technology and science producing students.

Vision: Becoming nationally and internationally accredited in communication with other universities and private sector and topnotch computer engineering facilities.

Mission: Achieving above vision is our first mission. Becoming center of attraction for academic staff and students by providing wide range of research opportunities and taking part in computer engineering standardization. Graduating practical, responsive, successful both academically and industrially successful graduates who can fulfill national and international needs.

Description of Program: Computer engineering is an active and rapid developing discipline. Computers and internet widely affects personal and social lives of people. In short, world is going into a phase called information society and without doubt computer engineers will be the pioneers of this. Computer engineering department provides unique opportunities for young minds to expertise in software or hardware fields. Computer engineering consists of analysis, design, testing, development and putting them into practice of information systems. Students will mainly complete courses about databases and their structures, algorithm analysis, operating systems, programming languages and computer networks, plus they will complete natural science lessons like mathematics and physics. In addition to their courses they will complete a capstone project in 8th semester. Starting with 2012-2013 education season, our department started a new evening education program in addition to normal morning education program, students can apply for it too.

Language of Education: Turkish.

Acceptance and Admission Requirements:

Recognition of Previous Education: Those who fulfil the conditions can transfer to our department from bachelor's or associate programs according to adaptation rules.

Graduation Requirements: Students must complete all 57 courses 2 internships, 1 capstone project and 1 workplace training successfully. Students will complete 152 credits (ECTS 240) by taking 170 hours (131 theoretical, 42 practical) in 8 semester.

Assessment and Evaluation Rules: Students will have 1 mid-term and 1 final exam for every course they are responsible for that semester. %40 of the mid-term grade and %60 of the final grade will be taken into account upon student’s mark determination and this mark must be at least CC to pass.

Employment Opportunities: Our graduates will be able to work as engineers in public or private sector. In recent years there has been a wide demand of computer engineering in manufacturing areas.

Access to Further Studies: Our graduates can continue their education with masters then doctorate degrees as long as they fulfil their personal application requirements.

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