Our department provides quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In this context; In line with the academic goals of our university, it is aimed that our graduates will develop useful and analytical skills and expertise that they can use in different sectors, taking professional ethics into consideration.

The academic staff in our department is young and dynamic. Our faculty members with different specialties help students improve themselves in computer science and guide students in a wide variety of fields.

Considering the rapidly increasing importance of technology and computer science in recent years and their effects on our lives, it is obvious how important computer engineers can be and how much responsibility they can assume. In this context; Our current students, who add color and excitement to our department by choosing the "Computer Engineering" profession, and our new students who will join us by choosing our department have great duties. Unlike other engineering faculties, we are in an effort to provide our students with more application opportunities, laboratory facilities, internship opportunities, and cooperation with the industry. In workplace training, which is one of these opportunities, our students are insured and they have the opportunity to earn an income equivalent to 2/3 of the minimum wage during this internship process. More importantly, our students find the opportunity to meet companies in the sector early, and their potential for fast and qualified employment increases after graduation.

Dear Computer Engineer Candidates,

I would like to state that there is no obstacle for students who graduate from our department legally to get an engineering degree. As an undergraduate student, you will learn basic engineering concepts and theories in the Computer Engineering Department and grow as an engineer with knowledge, skills, competence, and competence. Our students who have completed their undergraduate education can work in various institutions and the private sector, as well as continue their education with a master's and doctorate.

I hope to meet you at Selçuk University Technology Faculty Computer Engineering Department and invite you to benefit from the contemporary education offered at "Selçuk University" ...

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